Monday, September 10, 2007

Pastor Amos - Moving in the Spirit

Last week, Pastor Amos (Senior Pastor of Tabernacle of Holiness, Singapore) came to minister at my church for 3 days. We had 3 sessions of solid teaching, 2 sessions of healing rally & 1 Sunday morning sermon.

Pastor Amos was teaching on the prophetic stuff. But since I missed ALL 3 lessons so I gotta wait for the CDs to come out :(

But before each healing rally, he would share a message first. Praise God Pastor Amos was an excellent teacher. He was able to bring across the "heavy stuff" message to the whole crowd effortlessly - with added bonus gift - he was HILARIOUS!

Both rallies were packed to the brim. There were many from other churches too, praise God.

You could sense a lot of expectations during both rallies. Praise God our God is a MIRACLE working God. And He is a God of HOPE.

Pastor Amos started both sessions with mass prayer first.

Then he would move from individual to individual...they were so many of them...

Thus, praise God for the church elders/leaders. Here "literally" lending both hands to be anointed for the call of duty ;) ALL worked tirelessly both nights to pray for the needy and the sick.

There were many young ones in the crowd.

There were some "dramatic" ones too. This woman was set free from the demon that had been tormenting her for the past 30 years!!! Hallelujah!

There was one very "spooky" tale also. This young lady claimed the devil came to tell her that her beloved grandma would die soon. Hmmm...I guess Jesus didn't call devil as "Father of Lies" for nothing. It was obvious the devil couldn't touch the grandma so instead he had to "spread fear" thru lies. But I got GOOD NEWS - Bible says at the NAME of JESUS - EVERY KNEE SHALL BOW! Thank God for pastors like Pastor Amos who came to preach the TRUTH - that the devil FLEES when the name of Jesus is proclaimed! Hallelujah!

True to the theme - Moving in the Spirit - Pastor Amos also gave words of prophecy when required. Here I witnessed Edel "accidentally" been prayed for and received the words of prophecy. God NEVER misses anyone.

And lastly, to me, the BEST is always when people come up to receive Jesus as their Lord & Saviour.

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