Friday, December 07, 2007

My iMac!

It is difficult to believe I just bought my VERY OWN Apple - an iMac!!! Though I have had some experience with Mac, from the Apple II to Macintosh, but that was like centuries ago. I still remember when I first played SimCity on a friend's Macintosh!

This is certainly a dream comes true. Hallelujah!

So far I really enjoy the stuff that comes packaged with the iMac. The softwares are just incredible. And I am really looking forward to learn "video editing" ;)

This will be fun.


Mark Lim said...

It's a good choice I bet the money $$ well spent ! I was not only also a Mac user but also worked for Apple Singapore ! Mark Lim

BenTing said...


Wow, was it cool working for Apple? Heard Steve is like a tyrant!


Mark said...

Ben, my time Steve Jobs was ousted by Pepsi CEO John Sculley.

I was Sr Board Test Development Engr for First generation Power Macs. Travelled to Cupertino USA.
The office is incredible nice.. You can park your bicycle and a sofa there when I was working with Designer. I met the System Architect who was a Ipoh-born fella !