Saturday, January 31, 2009

Suffering For Christ

As I was reading the life story of Hudson Taylor, I can't help but be overwhelmed by the zeal & passion he had for the salvation of the Chinese people in the 19th century. A man who was contemporary & close friends with other mighty men of God such as George Muller & Charles Spurgeon - yet he was always humble & having his eyes focused on Jesus & Jesus alone.

Today, it is almost impossible for us (well, at least most of us who live such comfortable lives) to fully comprehend the kind of hardship, sacrifices & risks these early missionaries had to go through. Only by the grace of God.

In Mr Taylor's own words for those volunteers:

"Mere romantic feeling will soon die out amid the toilsome labour and constant discomforts and trials of inland work, and will not be worth much when severe illness arises and perhaps all the money is gone. Faith in God alone gives joy and rest in such circumstances."

What happened in Orissa India recently is a reminder of the suffering and persecution missionaries are still facing on a daily basis today. We might think our current state of civilization is faaaaar more advanced than those in the 18th or 19th century - it is ONLY an illusion. Pray we have not forgotten those missionaries whose head were cut off, or were tortured & shot point blank just because they won't deny their faith in Jesus Christ.

These martyrs died for love. Another died for hate.

These martyrs died for the hope that they will be numbered among those "Good & Faithful Servants". Another died for...virgins & rivers of alcohol. Go figure.

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