Saturday, October 25, 2008

Allan ESV1 "Outing"

First out-of-church "field test" for my Tan ESV1 today.

It was for an expository teaching session on the book of Job by Rev Christopher Ash from The Proclamation Trust, London. Rev Ash is a gifted teacher.

The entire session was taught using NIV except for a small portion where Rev Ash wanted a more LITERAL reading on Job (Job 32:1-5). And he chose ESV!!!

So far the textural grain on my Tan ESV1 gives a better "feel" than the Black. Both are limp & supple (see the "wrap-around" effect on my thigh), but somehow the Tan has a more "spongy" feel.

Here is Allan NIV B1 my wife uses - super limp & supple too.

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